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I recently purchased the book written by June Gardner From Harleyville to Beulah Land and enjoyed reading the story of the Harley family. The way the family was presented made them come to life and I could almost feel the pain, trials and joys that June so vividly described. From a genealogical standpoint it made the people seem more real and from an historical standpoint a new understanding of what they endured. I especially enjoyed the history of the areas that they lived and the events that coincided with their lives. I strongly encourage anyone that is interested in the history of the areas she highlighted to read this book and anyone who has an interest in genealogy to read it.

- Peggy M. Phalen​

From Harleyville to Beulah Land chronicles a fascinating family history from a Christian perspective—all while revealing the joys,mistakes, and sorrows of past generations, ultimately illustrating God’s loving forgiveness
of all who accept Him into their hearts.

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