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Trube's Place

A nostalgic narrative,  Trube’s Place begins with the hard times of the Depression years in the 1930’s in the Upstate of South Carolina. About a young family’s struggles for existence, it is the story of Norman Russ Gardner’s parents, Gertrude and Greer Gardner and the house where he was born.

In later years Greer and Gertrude returned to the New Prospect community and purchased the house from the family estate. After a complete renovation, it became the family gathering place for Gertrude’s extended family who lived close by. It was also the gathering place for Norman’s family for fifty-two Christmases.

Norman began calling the place Trube’s Place after his mother, Gertrude. “Trube” is the nickname Greer affectionately gave Gertrude in an effort to shorten her first name. He enjoyed writing this account of their lives in his during his retirement years, after pastoring Baptist Churches for sixty-three years.

Even though Norman was a gifted writer, he was not able to complete Trube’s Place after writing only the Dedication, Introduction and the first five chapters. He was called home to heaven on Memorial Day in 2021.

As his wife of nearly sixty-seven years, I felt compelled  to complete the book he started, writing the last six chapters. This  continues the story of Trube’s Place through the years and the changes in the family up until the ending of Trube’s Place.

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