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The Pastors Wife

The Pastor’s Wife—Chosen and Blessed is written from the heart, shares many true stories from her experiences as a pastor’s wife for sixty years.

Different from other books she has read about preacher’s wives, she dares to approach subjects not often tackled but feels need to be addressed. It is a window into the life of a preacher’s wife rarely shared with others. She dares to expose her humanness with humor about some of her goof ups.

Having first started writing a book about the Preacher’s Wife in 2012, June laid it aside in favor of writing the family history of all of her and her husband’s ancestors to let her sons and grandchildren know from whence they came.

This seven-volume series entitled “The Faith of Our Fathers” was successfully completed in 2018. The following year June wrote Growing Up in Colonial Heights, the history of the Colonial Heights community in Columbia, South Carolina. In 2020 she completed writing, The Gold at New Prospect, the history of New Prospect Baptist Church, schools, and community in Spartanburg County celebrating the 200th anniversary of the church.

The purpose of The Pastor’s Wife—Chosen and Blessed is twofold: first, as an encouragement to pastors’ wives, and second to help church members have a better understanding of the challenges a pastor’s wife faces as a key person in the church.

The title The Pastor’s Wife—Chosen and Blessed best communicates my feelings as I reflect on over sixty years of living my life in service to the Lord as a pastor’s wife. Twice chosen, I am especially blessed to have been chosen first by God at the age of ten to serve Him as either a missionary or a pastor’s wife. Secondly, I was chosen by my future husband at the age of seventeen. He had also been called into God’s service. I was to serve by his side in the role of encourager, helpmate, wife, and soulmate.

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