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The Preacher Man,
When the Robe Didn't Fit

The Preacher Man – When the Robe Didn’t Fit is a light-hearted book about a man who fought God’s call on his life because he didn’t feel he could fit the mold of what he thought was expected of him as a pastor.

Norman Russ Gardner, a minister of the gospel for over sixty-three years wanted to write this book to let those dealing with a call of God to the ministry know that God can use you just the way you are.

The preface was written by him, but he went to his reward in heaven before the book was finished. 

As the one who knew him best, I wrote the book for him relating his uniqueness—the preacher who loved motorcycling, flashy cars, red cowboy boots, and no neckties. 
Comments received from those who knew him as their pastor, friend, or relative support what I wrote about him—a godly man who was an effective minister who used his uniqueness to reach people for Christ. He enjoyed being the person God created him to be.   

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