About the Author

June McManus Gardner grew up in the Colonial Heights community of Columbia, South Carolina from age four.  In her junior year of high school she met Norman Gardner who had moved into the community.  During their teen years Norman surrendered to the ministry.  In 1954 they married, and the following year they left Colonial Heights to attend college in Greenville, South Carolina.  For the next four years, they returned on weekends to serve in missions sponsored by Colonial Heights Baptist Church.  In 1958 June and Norman moved to Fort Worth, Texas to attend seminary and never returned to Colonial Heights except for short visits to family. 

June's writing career began by submitting free-lance articles to religious periodicals. This  led to writing curriculum for teachers of preschoolers and  a Vacation Bible School book for preschool teachers. 


A desire to write family history books evolved after becoming interested in learning about her family background in 1999.  After much research June wrote her first family history book about her grandmother's family in 2012.  Since then she has written a book every year, completing her goal of writing six books.   Written as a gift of love for their two sons, these include all of her and her husband's ancestors. They are designed to be passed down to future generations.


June also wrote a book about her childhood experiences, entitled Growing Up In Colonial Heights in 2016.

After spending sixty-three years in the ministry and serving ten churches in five states, Norman retired in 2014.  They reside in the upstate of South Carolina, the home of Norman’s ancestors. 


June’s passion is genealogy, writing and growing things.  She has a long history of writing preschool materials.  Currently she is attempting to market her family history books to libraries and to conduct workshops on "Preserving Your Family History."

By 2020 she plans to publish the 200th Year History of New Prospect Church, School and Community. She also has ideas for writing  books in a different genre in the future.

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