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The Gold at New Prospect

Soon after the War of Independence and after treaties were signed with the Indians, making the area a safe place for settlers to live, gold was found in the streams of the beautiful area at the foot of Hogback Mountain.


God has blessed this area with more than gold in our streams,  He has blessed us as a church and as a people.  A Baptist church was established in the area on June 3, 1820, and a log building was erected at the intersection of Mills Gap Road (SC Highway 9) and Tugaloo Road (SC Highway 11), where it still exists today.  Soon thereafter, the church started a school, the New Prospect Academy.


The two anchors of the community have always been the New Prospect Church and the school at New Prospect.  During their 200-year history, two of the church buildings and two of the schools were destroyed by fire, leaving nearly no records.  Author June Gardner used various methods to piece together their history.


The Gold at New Prospect is a history of New Prospect Baptist Church as well as the community of New Prospect.  It includes an extensive index with names of those who endured the hardships during the War Between the States, as well as a cemetery listing.


Easy to read, with interesting and humorous stories sprinkled in, The Gold at New Prospect is a book to be treasured for years to come.

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