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YEA!!!!  I have finally finished my six-book series, The Faith of Our Fathers. I even added an Introductory book to the series entitled The Faith of Our Fathers, An Introduction to the Series. It is a smaller book which ties the series  together.  Among other things, it lists all of the surnames found in the indexes of the six books of the series.  


All of the books have South Carolina settings.  The entire set is available in soft cover or hard cover and is a must for those who love our state. They preserve our history and are designed to be passed down from generation to generation.


Books included in The Faith of Our Fathers  series are about  the family lines of my husband, Norman, and myself.  Although similar in organization, the stories of events  during the lifetime of our ancestors, the places they lived, and the churches where they worshiped are quite different. In addition to charts, maps, stories, and pictures, there are summary pages, appendices, bibliographies and an index in each book.  You will find them to be interesting and easy reading. Quite often, humorous incidents and sayings of their time are included.


The purpose of  The Faith of Our Fathers is to show how each family line demonstrated their faith in God, encouraging family and readers to pass their faith on for future generations. It also leaves a record for my descendants letting them know from whence they came.


In addition to the series, in 2016 I also wrote a special book about the community where I grew up in Columbia entitled Growing Up in Colonial Heights.


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