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The Faith Of Our Fathers

 The introduction to the series of six family history books written in a South Carolina setting, The Faith of Our Fathers contains a listing of the 263 surnames in the series along with histories and pictures of thirty-eight churches of our ancestors. Also included are sketches of twelve ancestors whose lives demonstrated their Christian life and a synopsis of each book in the series. 

The religions encountered by our ancestors after the Reformation in the lands from which they originated, such as Lutheranism in Germany, the Church of England (Anglican Church) in England, and the Huguenots of France are combined from the six-book series. In the New World, our ancestors were Congregationalists, Dissenters, Quakers, Presbyterians, and Baptists.  After the revivals of the Great Awakening in the South, most became Baptist or Methodist.

Written as an inspiration for readers, The Faith of our Fathers is intended to be passed on to future generations

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