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Close to Home

Close to Home is the story of the Coggins and Wingo families who came to America by way of England prior to the American Revolution.  Even though both families lived in Virginia before migrating south to make their home in the wilderness of the Upstate of South Carolina, their paths had never crossed. Members of the Coggins and Wingo families settled in the New Prospect Community of Spartanburg County.


Part I - tells of the issues these families faced, the places they lived, and a history of the churches they attended.


Part II - the story of the Coggins family, their ancestors and descendants. Bessie's father was Freeman Coggins who married Margaret Ervin and had nine children.  Even though he was head deacon at New Prospect Church, Freeman was mean to his children, causing one to run away to Texas after a beating and never return. The story of each of his children is included.


Part III - includes the story of  Wingo family members who came to the Upstate after the American Revolution and settled in the Wellford community of Spartanburg County.  They became prominent in Mount Zion Baptist Church.  Many ancestors are buried in the church cemetery.


Part IV- is the story of Will and Bessie Coggins Wingo who began their marriage in 1895. Shortly afterwards they were offered the deed to a small house and acreage in exchange for caring for a distant Wingo kinsman and his widowed sister in their old age.  From this start, Will and Bessie and their eight children made their home in the New Prospect Community.  Will became a wealthy farmer until accidents and the economy caused him to lose it.  The picture of their home place is  shown on the front cover of Close to Home.


Part V-  includes chapters of the the allied families of the Coggins and Wingos.  The Berrys are ancestors of both families.  The Ervins are ancestors of the Coggins family and the Seays and Woods are part of the Wingo family.  All of the families in Close to Home still have descendants in the upstate of South Carolina.



The author and her husband, Norman, now live in the area featured in Close to Home—land that once belonged to Norman’s maternal grandparents, Will and Bessie Coggins Wingo.

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