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Til Death Do Us Part

Til Death Do Us Part is an Epilogue to Preacher Man. It is the personal story of of our more than sixty-six years after saying in our wedding vow “’Til death do us part.” It tells of facing Norman’s health issues through the years and his declining health after retirement. 

Norman’s health quickly spiraled downward in May 2021 after a trip to Florida. ‘Til Death Do Us Part gives a detailed accounting of his final two weeks. It was like a roller coaster going from the uncertain days of highs and lows until our Lord called him home peacefully on Sunday afternoon at Hospice House in Landrum, SC after only eleven days in the hospital. 

This is the story of how the Lord was with me and my family every day of this trying time. He was ever-present blessing us in so many ways assuring us that we serve a gracious God whose timing is perfect. 

‘Til Death Do Us Part tells how Norman’s homegoing affected my life. It completes the four-book series written in memory of my dearly beloved spouse during my first year of bereavement. 

This book is designed to be of help to you who have lost your mate by death or to prepare for the time when the Lord calls one of you home. 

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