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Growing Up in Colonial Heights

A nostalgic trip down memory lane for  June McManus, Growing Up in Colonial Heights is the story of the unique small white community on the outskirts of Columbia, South Carolina where the author grew up. It was a place where everyone knew your name. Because of many changes, the community it is no longer recognizable.  All of the former residents are gone.

During the author's growing up years, the social life of the community centered around their one-room school and the Baptist church. It was an ideal place to grow up where everyone was treated equally and adults took responsibility for nurturing and training their youth. Colonial Heights was a planned community with street lights on every corner making it safe to be out after dark.  Excellent bus service every fifteen minutes was provided by the city and enabled one to catch the city bus for a dine and be downtown in fifteen minutes. 

The history of Colonial Heights is woven around the personal experiences of the author in the 1940s and '50s. She shares her memories growing up and the influence the community and church had on her life.

Today, those who grew up in Colonial Heights yearn for their community and friends of bygone days and for the places that are no more. A remnant of those still living call themselves “The Colonial Heights Kids.” They meet quarterly to fellowship with old friends and to reminisce over the community that was once so much a part of their lives and now exists only in their heart. 

Included in Growing Up in Colonial Heights are the names and pictures of families who lived there. Many pictures of events of bygone days bring back pleasant memories. A feature of the book is a map of the community, with a listing of the businesses and residents who lived there thus helping one recall where people lived.

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